Vans Canada Product Merchandiser

Helping the people of Canada get what they need to survive in four seasons - Fall, winter, still winter, and I'm melting.

Brewing that magical potion of Product / Place / Price / Promotion by:

  • Briefing global team on product concepts, design, and development process needs for Canada.
  • Evaluating categories for relevancy and new opportunities, ensuring product ammunition is there to drive forecast and goals in each category.
  • Managing on-going sales forecast for product demand and conducting analysis on daily/weekly/monthly basis to recognize shifts and make adjustments.
  • Owning pricing and margin decisions for Region.
  • Generating analyses and reports as needed to support Merchandising and Marketing Business Plans and special needs including: analyzing, tracking, reporting and making recommendations on SKU reductions/additions on an on-going basis.
  • Coaching our annual softball tournament with superficial encouragement and no knowledge whatsoever of the names of each position.